Monday, 19 October 2015

How can GTC Scotland support my engagement with research?

GTCS acknowledges that finding resources to support practitioner enquiry can be difficult if you do not have access to a University library.  To support teachers, GTCS have purchased resources which can be accessed by any teacher registered with the GTC Scotland.

The EBSCO resources are:

Education Source – EBSCO
Education Source – EBSCO provides access to over 1,700 education journals.
Some journals provide full text access (you can download the full article as a PDF or view online). However, some journals provide restricted or 'embargo' access to the most recent issues. You will find that these journals will only let you see the abstracts of the articles published in the last 12 months. There are some journals that only offer 'abstract only'.

The Leadership and Management Learning Centre
The LMLC provides resources specifically related to issues of leadership and management. This includes journal articles, eBooks and video resource content.

We have purchased a range of eBooks which have been categorised under the following broad research themes, they relate to key aspects of the Standards.

Education HUB
EducationHUB is an interactive online platform that provides an opportunity for education practitioners to share, discuss and review unpublished practitioner produced research and enquiry.
EducationHUB provides a framework and guidance for any GTCS registered teacher to publish their own research work and participate in professional dialogue with their peers across Scotland. Whilst this is not a 'peer reviewed' published journal, clear criteria is provided which should help individuals consider the rigour and value of the practitioner research.

You can contribute to the EducationHUB project in two ways:
·         By publishing your own (unpublished) work to EducationHUB (research posters or summaries, practitioner enquiry articles, dissertations, theses, etc.)
·         Reading, reviewing and discussing articles

Navigating the GTCS website to access the on-line support:
Load the GTCS website
Click the Research Tab
Click Online Access to Education Journals
Log in my GTCS
REMEMBER: Your username is your six-digit GTCS registration number (without the forward slash). The Date of Birth format is DD/MM/YYYY.
Click into Research
Scroll down to:
    Education Source
Visit Education Source – EBSCO for articles and journals.
    Leadership and management learning centre (LMLC)
Browse by theme.
                List of ebooks or browse by theme.
 Next week starting the 26th October, the GTCS Research Engagement Group will host a slow chat (Monday – Wednesday) to discuss how teachers are using Education Source – EBSCO, LMLC, ebooks and the Education HUB to support their professional learning.

Join the conversation by following the hashtag #GTCSpl or better still use one of the resources and share your thoughts and learning.

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